Smart Water Network Solution

Globally, the water industry has seen a move beyond smart metering towards the adoption of Smart Water Networks in the recent years. The deployment of water smart meters alone cannot address the challenges water utilities face today such as ageing water distribution network, customer-side leakages and asset management.While many utilities have identified the need for smarter infrastructure and technological investments, few have embraced an end-to-end smart water network.

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What is a Smart Water Network?

A smart water network is an integrated set of products, solutions and systems that enable utilities to remotely and continuously monitor and diagnose problems, prioritize and manage maintenance issues and use data to optimize all aspects of the water distribution network. This includes two-way real time networks with field sensors, measurement and control devices such as smart meters, along with software and services.

Two-way real-time networks are nothing new, but challenges with power and location of water meters have prevented implementation of new technologies. Pipes are buried under streets and side-walks and are difficult and expensive to access, and there is no inherent power supply in pipes as there is with electric utilities.


Sensus Smart Water Network

The solutions Sensus has for smart water networks enables utilities a significant opportunity to improve performance in leakage detection, water distribution network maintenance, water supply control and management as well as capital spending optimisation. With our solution, water utilities can remotely monitor, control and optimise all aspects of the water distribution network using data-driven insights. iPERL™ is a next generation solid state smart water meter, which when combined with two-way communications is the foundation of a smart water network. When integrated with FlexNet™ AMI communications network, iPERL can help identify potential issues in the network enabling you to make data driven operational decisions to best manage your water distribution network.