iPERL International Smart Water Meter

Next Generation Solid State Smart Water Meter with Integrated Two-way Communications Capability

Measurement Accuracy
Unlike other solid state meters, iPERL™ uses a remnant magnetic field technology which provides unrivalled, sustained accuracy over its expected 15 year operational life when used under normal operating conditions. It offers linear working flow range starting at a flow rate of 1 litre per hour, which significantly reduces non-revenue water at low flows.

Advanced Smart Meter Features
iPERL can be programmed to provide highly granular data at 15-minute interval which has been proven to help improve the accuracy in identifying customer-side leakages. The data captured by iPERL provides accurate information to help water utilities manage water distribution networks more proactively and efficiently. By utilising the wealth of data available from iPERL, water utilities can better inform customers to help them conserve water and alert customers about leakages, fraud or unusual usage patterns.

Operational benefits include:

  • Improved operational efficiency and customer service
  • Reduced non-revenue water
  • Reduced maintenance and cost
  • Simple and flexible meter installation
  • Seamless communications technology migration from AMR to AMI

Deployment Experience
Since 2010, nearly 2 million iPERL meters have been installed globally and it is one of the most advanced smart water meters available today. The iPERL is not currently available in Japan.

Product Features

  • sensus-iPERL-product
    • High measurement accuracy offering R800 metrology through all meter sizes (DN15 to DN40)
    • 15 year expected operational life
    • High sampling rate with low battery consumption
    • Integrated two-way communication for AMR and AMI
    • 15 minute interval data
    • 2,880 point data logging function
    • Over 30 data parameters including meter reading, alarm information, meter status and time stamp
    • Alarm functions
    • Tamper proof and fraud resistant
    • Orientation free – automatically detects the direction of water flow
    • No moving parts – does not get affected by trapped air, sand or particles and resistant to network incidents such as water hammers and high peak flows
    • Operating ambient temperature range of +60°C down to -15°C, with a minimum water flow rate of 100 litres per hour which prevents freezing
    • A water temperature range of +0.1°C to +50°C
    • Water conductivity down to 125µS/cm
    • Water pressure up to 16 bar

    Communications Capabilities
    iPERL has been designed to provide a future proof, seamless migration path from AMR to AMI. Sensus can offer both a walk-by/drive-by mobile meter reading solution using Sensus RF (mesh network on public spectrum) and fixed AMI communications solution, FlexNet™, which can transfer data over a dedicated, reliable and secure network.

    Smart Water Network
    Smart water metering is one of the key first steps in the journey to operating a sophisticated, data driven water distribution network. The proven performance of iPERL combined with its two-way communication solutions is the foundation of a smart water network.



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